Guaranteed credits: Everything you need to know before taking out one

It is an interesting solution if you are thinking of taking out a loan at the best financing conditions in the market. Its advantages include lower rates, more accessible fees and longer terms. We tell you why it suits you and how we can help you from Good Finance to get it.

Pay your credit card bills and cancel your debts


Are you thinking of taking out a personal loan to pay your credit card bills and cancel your debts? Do you feel like remodeling your home or buying a car? Do you feel it is time to make a project a reality or open a business?

We help you to specify it. But first, we advise you to read this article to understand what the financial market situation is today and thus better evaluate the options that you have within your reach.

Like you, many people seek credit. And although each one has different needs and objectives, there is a constant that is repeated: most do not know that there is currently little access to quality financing in the country. This makes it difficult to get a credit under logical conditions.

For this reason, in recent years, hundreds of Argentine families were seduced by advertisements that promised them “interest-free fees,” “very low rates” and “easy and fast money.” They borrowed to equip their homes, change the car, travel or even face basic day-to-day expenses (such as grocery shopping) and pay old debts, among other causes. Many did not foresee that the economic situation would be complicated and that the “low fees” would become impossible for them to pay in the agreed terms, forcing them to borrow again with high unpayable rates.

In this context, secured loans are presented as a tempting option to obtain financing for different purposes. Although little is known about them and their use is not widespread in Argentina, they have many advantages that are unknown. In other countries such as the United States and Europe, with mature financial markets, 85% of the population uses loans of this type.

What are secured credits?


Attention: do not confuse the traditional mortgage loan with the loan with mortgage guarantee. While the first one is requested to pay for the purchase of a home, the second one has as its main objective to help people improve their financial health and does not necessarily aim at the acquisition of a residence: it is freely available. That is, it can be used for different purposes, either to buy a house, a commercial premises or capital goods; initiate an investment or initiate a replacement, among others.

If you own a property or a car, you can apply for a mortgage or vehicle guarantee. The goods are used as payment support and you can use them in the meantime.

But, even though they continue in your hands, they become the name of the entity that facilitates the credit. This is done to settle the debt in case you default on the payment. If so, a judicial process and a subsequent embargo will be initiated.

In this way, the transaction is considered to be of lower risk, since it increases your commitment and the company makes sure that the payment is going to be made, leading to an improvement in the conditions: lower rates, longer terms are accessed , more accessible fees and larger amounts. Consequently, to quality financing.

Why apply for a loan with Good Finance?

Why apply for a loan with Good Finance?

We are convinced that everyone should be able to access a healthy loan, with better conditions than those currently offered by the market.

Therefore, we design a solution that helps you sort and rationalize your debts. From the first installment, capital is already canceled, breaking the endless monthly payment cycle of the minimum card payment.

Our mortgage and vehicle guarantee loan proposal is less expensive because we give you:

  1. Terms of up to 10 years (versus the 5 years that give the most generous personal loans).
  2. Rates from 18% in UVAs, which are updated with inflation (versus 130% in pesos charged by credit cards).
  3. Quotas up to almost 5 times lower, of $ 2500 per $ 100,000 loan (versus $ 10,000 fee with a personal bank loan and $ 23,000 fee with a non-bank personal loan).
  4. Amounts that reach up to 40% of the value of the property, up to $ 5 million (versus the $ 500,000 ceilings that personal loans have for premium clients).

One click credits away


Another benefit of secured credit is that you can process it online. In this way, Online credit becomes more accessible, since you can apply through the Internet, saving time and transfers.

We know that asking for a loan creates uncertainty and anguish. In addition, it is a tedious experience, due to the slow mechanisms, the long waits and the delivery of “stationery” through which we have to go through, with the risk that then the money does not reach and the opportunity is missed.

The typical way to get credit, slow and bureaucratic, is a thing of the past. At Good Finance , we offer you an agile and personalized experience. When everything gets complicated and every minute translates into more money, we simplify the process.

How to apply for a loan with Good Finance?

It’s very simple. We ask you to complete a form on our website . In 5 minutes, we quote your custom credit and give you a 100% online pre-approval .

Once this stage is completed, the final approval follows. For that, we validate your data. You can upload the documentation directly to the platform or send it by e-mail or by WhatsApp to our financial advisor. We promise to give you a refund in less than 24 hours.

Thus, you process everything remotely and leave your home only to sign the documentation in our offices, once the credit is approved. Finally, you receive the disbursement through electronic transfer at 72 hours.

In Good Finance , we constantly develop new technologies so that taking out a loan in Argentina ceases to be a traumatic process and becomes a friendly and enjoyable experience.

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