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Tradesmen usually carry out payment transactions through banks. In particular, our tradesmen who use pos devices can choose to connect their credit cards to these pos devices and perform all kinds of transactions with their credit cards and make their work easier by making automatic payments regularly. It connects a credit card directly to the pos machine, allowing all payments to pass through it. In this way, both the credit rating increases, as well as investing for future applications. What is a commercial card? Are there commercial banks issuing 2019 for tradesmen? Which are?


Commercial Card issuing banks for tradesmen

Banks that give commercial cards to citizens dealing with tradesmen continue to offer opportunities and privileges to tradesmen. In this article, we wanted to inform our readers about these opportunities. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises can take advantage of these opportunities to expand their business and meet their urgent cash needs through credit cards.

With the law enacted for credit cards, the minimum payment rates have been increased to 40% on individual credit cards. Since this rate is 5% in commercial credit cards, you can use your credit card with very attractive minimum payment rates and you can easily make your payments. What is a commercial card and what are its features?


What is a Commercial Card?

What is this commercial card? A commercial card is a type of card in which personal expenses and business expenses are separated, allowing the company you work to pay for expenses such as business travel, accommodation and fuel. According to the credit card feature, many members can earn points for the expenses you make in the workplace.

Almost all credit card types available are commercial versions. Bonus, World, Axess, Maximum cards can be bought both individually and commercially, you can start your transactions immediately.

We seem to hear you say how much is the commercial card limit . This limit is not set at the same amount for everyone. When this limit is set, your annual turnover, transaction volume and payment balance are taken into consideration. Then the bank investigates how it can secure the credit limit to be given and as a result of this, the bank informs you of the collaterals requested. Such collaterals are usually bail, promissory notes and standard credit agreements.


How to Choose a Commercial Card for Tradesmen?

How to Choose a Commercial Card for Tradesmen?

So which is the best commercial credit card for you? If you are looking for a slightly higher limit card than other banks, we recommend you business cards. In addition to this card, Yes Kredi Bank’s trade limit and Galantis Bank’s card limit are slightly higher compared to other banks.

However, when you think of it as a card type, your bank option becomes narrow. For example, if you want to buy a World card, you should first look at the banks that provide World card type credit cards. These banks are Yes Kredi and Vakıfbank.


Tradesman Credit Card Application How?

Tradesman Credit Card Application How?

Now you have decided to make a decision you want to have a Tradesman Card . So, how to apply for credit card trades ? We will tell you this through Yes Kredi Bank’s World Business card. You can also follow these steps in other banks.

Visit the official website of Yes Kredi Bank . Then find the SME part. Click on the Call me tab in this section. You will see the request information. Here you can submit your application after marking the company tax number and company name, your first and last name, your mobile phone and the reason for your request as a commercial card.

However, since your applications are commercial, the bank may request access to your business information . For this, we recommend you to go to the branches one-to-one and make sure you go with your documents when you go.


Advantage Cards from Halfbank Bank for Merchants

Advantage Cards from Halfbank Bank for Merchants

Since its establishment, Halbankası has been with artisans and craftsmen. With respect to the Tradesmen Card , Halfbank offered Tradesmen Card with the card called Paraf Tradesmen . Thanks to this card, traders and craftsmen to benefit from the regulation of cash flows with limits up to 50 thousand TL , service and goods from suppliers can benefit from advantageous prices.

Another advantageous feature of this card is that tradesmen and craftsmen will be able to pay their bills in advance, in equal installments or in a way that they can easily pay, as well as earning money while making Paraf Money.

Another privilege of this card is that it has a limit passivity feature which has not been done before in the sector. With this feature, tradesmen and craftsmen can use the limit of this card as they wish. Where the supplier company is missing, Paraf Tradesmen card will be activated and the general limit of this card will be utilized. In case of need for cash, the card will benefit from the cash advance feature.


Halfbank Tradesman Credit Card Application

Credit Card Application

If you want to buy this card which has many advantages in addition to the ones mentioned above and does not stop counting the advantages, you may be wondering how to apply for Halfbank tradesman credit card .

If you want to apply from anywhere, go to the official website of Paraf Card . From here you will see the quick reference tab in the upper left corner of the main page. After clicking this tab, the system will ask you for your card selection. After you select Paraf Card or Parafly Card according to your needs and wishes, enter your TC ID number, date of birth and confirm that you are not a robot. After you click the continue button, you will submit your application. With this site you can get detailed information about Paraf Card types, campaigns, program partners before your application.

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